Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Being A Owner

Not everyone is cut out for owning a business I love being a owner. Some think it is a power trip and sometimes it is. What no one tells you is it is a juggling act. You have a family a home that loves you. You want to be there with them, but you have to provide for them. The carefully balance between family and work is hard. A norther thing is worrying about decisions no one wants to make, and being that bad guy no one wants to be around. If you have never fired someone it is hard the first time, your hart is pounding palms sweating mouth dry. That is quite a rush then you get over it, and it gets better. Not every one is like Donald Trump. It is very easy to lose your cool. Some employees don't like authority and they will let you know about it. Taking it out on your family is horribly wrong. there is a point that you just have to drop everything about work and put on a new face to come home to your family. Bottom line you have to be a leader in every sense of the word if you want to succeed in business. One of my problems I have is that leader mentality, I think I could do it better than my boss. Which is why I am a Boss of my own jewelry company. I love leading a team and being that guy who makes the Big decisions, not much firring people but leading them in this amazing business. If you love leading and being the man/woman search out businesses that you can start or grow. Like this business exfuse it is network marketing but if you are a leader it will work. It is ground floor and growing. Now you can see if you are a leader or not. This business will let you in with no overhead and if you can make this run go for bigger. Try it and see what you think.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's been a long time

Hey it has been a long time. I am sorry it has been so long a lot has happened I moved the stores location. Went to Miami on vacation and saw my first Miami Dolphins game. It was so cool we lost but it was so fun. I have found a new business called eXfuxe. It is awesome . Check it out at you will love it. There is also a nother link now it is a network marketing group but when you see what they stand for and who they help you will be very impressed. This product I believe will sweep the world if you are looking for a network marketing plan that will work this is it. It is in pre momentum and fixing to take off. I had just joined last night and 12 people have joined in one day in my leg , now that info is a little old that was at about 4:00 when I last heard. If you are not interested in network marketing. This drink is for everyone. the health benefits are awesome. Don't take my word on it check it out for your self in the safety of your own home. If you like it contact me if not that's okay to.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Rae Collection

Hi! I want to show you my work. I love working with my hands making stuff out of nothing. God gave me a talent for Jewelry.

I also work on jewelry. This ring on the left is not my creation. I only rebuilt the upper right hand side of the ring, but that part of the ring was my creation I don't have a professional camera so it is a little blurry.

This picture is what most of my creations look like before they are started it is so cool to see what can be done with this bar of silver.

This is a charm I made from a wire. This one is special it is Danas mothers day charm hand made from my hart. It has been a ruff year after loosing Raelyn and I made this for my wife as a symbol that Raelyn will always be our baby.
This is most of my work so far there have been more peaces I have made but did not get pics of them. I know they are out there some where. I hope you liked the jewelry. I will talk to ya later.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Step Up, Step Out

There is a time for everything. That is easy to say but tough to believe, but here we are in a path that was put before us almost supernaturally that thrusts you into a role you did not see coming. My personal role is leadership, in this time in my life. I feel inadequate sometimes, but I think that is all apart of leadership. This is because we are leading into the unknown, This is a definition a true leader. It takes a strong person to look in the eyes of the unknown and take a steep. There are people who call them selves leaders but they sit back and watch others and fallowing after what they see. That is smart but is it that cutting edge that puts you ahead, or treading on unknown ground for the first time and staying on that ground because it is comfortable? The real leaders step up and step out. That is why I am writing this to encourage ones around to step out and bee a leader. We have no idea what is ahead of us, but we press on, we overcome. If we stop treading on the unknown we will never step up to something bigger. If we just sit on ground that we know someone will grab the torch and will lead. we fall and stumble but that is a true leader as well, because when we fall others see others learn and are able to make it past where we fell or stumbled and achieve. It is leaders the select few who step out and step up that pave a way for others. If that is you today I want you to practice stepping out and stepping up. and see how free and how wonderful it is. until next time become that leader.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Monterrey, Mexico

Hey, I thought that I will show you some of my Mission trip to Mexico. We held a conference there and the people were so nice and friendly. In the conference you could feel God so powerful. It was a awesome experience. I hope you enjoy this short clip. I have some more coming to. See ya!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Do you ever feel you are drowning in life. That is the place I find my self in sometimes. I fill like I am climbing a mountain that wont end. All I have to hold on to is God and that is when it happens like a spark to start a flame Hope. You go through times of drought in your life that you think nothing can get you through. but you know in the driest times that's when the spark makes a fire. I find some comfort in that. God give us hope in times of war, floods, famine, drought, and peace. It is there we just have to look around us, and open up to what God is telling us. After we had lost Raelyn it was a dry time for me I asked God why, how could you do this to us, and I felt that all to familiar drowning feeling that no one saw me no one cared and i could not see light. It was at that time that I was coming out of the mall and i looked on top of the Bells sign and in one moment it became clear as i saw my hope on that sign. I saw a few weeds growing on the top of that sign in a place that no other weed had grown and God showed me that no mater where you are in life he has made provision for you. I just stayed there for a moment. That started a spark inside of me that even though I felt like I was drowning God was really there with my provisions. So be encouraged that there is a way for you. God has Your Hope. 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A little more

Hey! Is me I wanted to tell you a little more about me. I am a owner of a Jewelry Business In Lubbock Texas, it is called the Jewelry Hospital.
My dad is the main jeweler and has been a jeweler for 40 years.I say he is a master jeweler because you have to be a master to teach others and i am currently learning for him. Fact 1 I am a jewelers apprentice i enjoy working on puzzles and putting together broken jewelry is fun and entertaining. Fact 2 I am a sax player. I have been playing for about 12 years. I started on the clarinet before I Picked up the sax. Fact 3 I was ordained as a Evangelist in a nondenominational church. Remember I am only 24 and you Know how much respect I got! I am currently at another church in Lubbock called trinity. Fact 4 me and my wife had a little Girl named Raelyn. For the most part that's why me and my wife are at Trinity because we needed a place to go to heal.Thanks for listening See ya!